The short answer is….Of Course It Does!  But maybe that’s not enough to convince you, so let’s keep going.

A business’s online presence is important  in this post-COVID world we are living in.  More now than ever customers use the web to seek out purchases and services, not to mention contracting agencies, grant funders, and capital resource providers who use it as a way to establish a business’s legitimacy.

Creating a website is a daunting undertaking for most, but don’t worry Digital Venture is here to help and our services are affordable enough for even the smallest businesses to get online!

Here are ten reasons why an online presence is important:

  1. Business Credibility
  2. Easily accessible to your target market
  3. Establishes a relationship with your customer
  4. Great way to showcase products and services
  5. Analytics that will help you better identify your customer
  6. Capitalize on Google searches
  7. A website is critical to your online marketing plan
  8. Gives you the ability to strategically target  your customer
  9. Helps establish a visual brand identity
  10. Everyone else has one!

Deloitte’s analysis in Connected Small Businesses in the United States found that digitally advanced small businesses:

While there is a cost to creating and hosting a website, the benefits it provides your business cannot be undervalued.  Contact us today to get your website up and running!

-The Digital Venture Team