We are now offering business financing with flexible payment schedules [1] on all Digital Venture LLC. Orders.

Through our partner, Behalf, you can now conveniently fund your Digital Venture orders with business financing. There is no fee to apply, approvals are quick* [2], and your line can be funded immediately for purchases you need to make today.

With a Behalf account, you get:

Check your Behalf account eligibility here and enjoy more cash flow[3] today.  https://app.behalf.com/invite/6JEXz0YI

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*Subject to meeting terms and conditions and underwriting approval. Timing may vary depending upon a variety of factors, including but not limited to submitting complete information.

[1] Terms are subject to underwriting and account approval criteria.

[2] Most approvals happen the same-day on completed submissions. Delays could occur due to unforeseen circumstances, or additional information or verification required.

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